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Perform-X Training Systems is dedicated to innovate ideas and ever evolving products that will advance how individuals and teams fulfill their physical potential and achieve goals in life, thereby driving the future of human performance.

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Perform-X Was born in Colorado

Perform-X, over many years has developed unique, elite and comprehensive performance equipment and devices. Perform-X is seeking to change the performance training landscape by providing these unique devices, equipment and concepts to professional teams, colleges, high schools, public and private fitness centers, physical therapy clinics, hospitals and individuals.

Perform-X is leading the evolution of fitness and human performance with the vision of transforming weight rooms and fitness facilities into performance centers at an affordable price. Our products, tough enough to push professional football players to their limits, are built for everybody and every ability so that even those who are just beginning to discover their performance potential can benefit.

Perform-X Training Systems – Areas of Expertise

  • Professional
  • University
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Training Centers
  • Fitness
  • Therapy Clinics
  • Medical
  • Custom Cords
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Complexes