Performance Training Facility solutions

Whether redesigning an existing space or developing entirely new facilities, our performance training experts will design a space that exceeds your needs.

Professional & University

Solutions tailored for use by professional and collegiate athletes of all types.

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High School & Middle School

Maximizing space for physical growth with all grade levels.

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Medical & Therapy

Equipment that can adapt to therapy and healthcare client needs.

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Fitness & Training Centers

A full range of equipment that provides an essential workout in every category.

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From Weight Room to Performance Training Facility

By transforming your weight room into a performance facility, you will be on the leading edge of performance training. Mapping out your space into performance zones allows for athletes to build speed, agility, strength and power. The equipment and devices in the design are easily used by both males and females, experienced athletes and newcomers alike.

Our equipment and devices have elements of traditional weight rooms, blended with performance equipment and devices to make a truly unique space that will benefit all athletes and bring out their full potential. The best part? With the right design, the cost for a customized Perform-X performance facility design is the same or less than that of a traditional weight room design.


Our unique resistance cord systems add versatility to any training or rehab routine.

Custom inlaid and above ground lifting platforms that integrate plyometric training and strengthen functional movement.

Resistance cord systems for bench press, squat, deadlift and various Olympic lifting movements.

Develop speed, power and strength with our state-of-the-art training and conditioning equipment.