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Perform-X Track-X

The Trak-X System is the most unique and innovative product for versatile cord-loaded applications, both on the wall and in the floor. The customized metal strips allow for safe and effective anchoring for plyometric drills, Olympic lifting, rehabilitation exercises, and traditional upper body movements. The Trak-X System can be adhered to any wall, pillar, rack, platform, or floor space.

Perform-X Jump-X Machine

The Jump-X™ Machine offers the most advanced and versatile strength and power applications for lower body strength and power.  The Jump-X allows traditional pressing and jump applications for both double- and single-leg applications, and offers both resisted and assisted variable loading.  Additional Jump programming is offered with this unique piece of equipment.

Perform-X Tred-X 30/30

The Tred-X 30/30 is a high speed treadmill capable of speeds up to 30 MPH, and elevations up to a 30% grade. It includes a built-in spotting system to keep individuals safe, as well as dedicated programming for speed and endurance improvement.  The Tred-X contains an external touch-screen control panel that quickly adjusts speed and elevation.

Perform-X Hip-X Machine

The most advanced strength-specific application for adequately stimulating the muscles of the hip area. The Hip-X™ Machine stimulates all movement planes for training the hip – hip flexion, hip extension, hip abduction and hip adduction.  The Hip-X also offers the heaviest selectorized weight-stack (590lbs.) to obtain peak muscle strength for speed and power development.  The Hip-X also offers variable resistance loading to all hip movements.