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Perform-X Track-X

The Trak-X System is the most unique and innovative product for versatile cord-loaded applications, both on the wall and in the floor. The customized metal strips allow for safe and effective anchoring for plyometric drills, Olympic lifting, rehabilitation exercises, and traditional upper body movements. The Trak-X System can be adhered to any wall, pillar, rack, platform, or floor space.

Perform-X Jump-X Station

The Jump-X™ System allows for cord-loaded vertical jump and footwork training on either the Lift-X Platform w/Trak-X or Plyo-X Custom Floors, or on a retrofit above-ground platform or squat rack. The durable cords come in 7 resistance levels all with specific loads based on height and inches of cord stretch. The versatile and comfortable Speed-X 360 Belt comes in 4 distinct sizes, and provides comfort during dynamic jumping drills.

Perform-X Speed-X Lower Body Training System

The Speed-X™ Lower Body Training System allows for cord-loaded linear and lateral applications for speed, agility and plyometrics. The system can work with the Trak-X system on inlaid platforms, above-ground platforms, wall mounted Trak-X™, or manually with a training partner. This versatile system comes in 7 different resistances all with specific measurable loads based on the training distance.   The versatile and comfortable Speed-X 360 Belt comes in 4 distinct sizes, and provides comfort during dynamic movement drills.

Perform-X Hip-X 360 System

The Hip-X™ 360 System offers cord-loaded hip related exercises using the Trak-X system, or anchored to other stationary devices. The Hip-X™ 360 System allows individuals to perform hip flexion, hip extension, hip abduction, hip adduction and hamstring exercises in multiple locations. The easy-on Hip-X 360 Wrap provides comfort and functionality for all hip drills. This versatile system comes in 7 different resistances all with specific measurable loads based on the training distance.

Perform-X Speed-X 360-X Belt

The 360-X Belts are a comfortable and durable option for cord-loaded attachment to the waist. Used with the Jump-X System and Speed-X Lower Body System, the 360-X Belt comes in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Perform-X™ 360-X™ Belts
SizeWaist Size Range
Yellow (Small)Up to 30”
Red (Medium)30” – 35”
Blue (Large)35” – 42”
Black (Extra Large)42” – 48”
Perform-X Action-Fit Home & Travel System

The ultimate in home exercise system, the Action-Fit Home/Travel System provides ample resistances and exercises for the ‘stay-at-home parent’ or the ‘on-the-go traveler. Equipped with 3 resistances (6 total cords), a belt, 2 handles and an ankle cuff, the individual can put together a 10 minute or 90 minute workout to prepare for a presentation or wind down after a long day of meetings. The convenient anchoring systems lets the individual exercise in the convenience of the home, a hotel room, a fitness center, or outside. Never allow your exercise routines to slip, and prevent jet-lag and exhaustion by having a portable workout in your carry-on bag. Forget the minibar…hit the Action-Fit system!!


Perform-X Action-Fit Rehab System

The Action-Fit Rehab System includes the Trak-X System (6’) along with two optional packages of Ther-X Shoulder cords which come in 5 progressive resistances. This unique system allows individuals to cord-load specific exercises at all heights and levels. The packages are split into a light package (2.5lbs to 40lbs) or a heavy package (8lbs to 80lbs). Each Ther-X Shoulder cord comes with a built-in rubber handle. The Action-Fit Rehab System offers a versatile approach to upper extremity rehab in both the therapy clinic and the athletic training space. The Action-Fit Rehab System works with the Trak-X wall anchoring system and offers up to 7 different resistances. The durable cords, built-in Trak-X clip and rubber handles offer a safe and functional environment for rehab, prehab and corrective movement applications.

Perform-X Elite Add-Ons

Used exclusively with the Speed-X™ Lower Body Training System, the Elite Lower and Upper Body Add-Ons provide an enhanced training experience for the improvement of lower body and upper body speed and power development. The lower body Elite Add-Ons offer multiple attachment points from the hip down to the ankle for specific muscle group stimulation during lower body applications. The upper body Elite Add-Ons offer multiple attachment points from the hip to the wrist, providing enhanced loading for speed and power development in that area.

Perform-X Ult-X Upper Body Cord

The Ult-X™ – Upper Body Cord allows the individual to perform all of the upper extremity motions for strength improvement – pushing, pulling, pressing, rotational movements, lifting and chopping. This unique device can be anchored to the Trak-X or X-Plode™ Wall Anchor, as well as stationary devices, inside and outside, like racks, fences, or poles.

Perform-X Flex-X Trainer

The Flex-X™ Trainer offers an individual training experience for all sports, fitness venues and rehab opportunities. The Flex-X™ system targets the muscles of the inner and outer hips which play a pivotal role in human performance. Lateral and linear movements can be performed in a small area but with multiple functional qualities. The Flex-X™ comes in a long and short version, and offers 7 progressive resistances. The Flex-X Trainer may also be used for upper body movement.

Perform-X 5' X-Plode Regular Cord

The 5′ X-Plode cords offer a variety of exercises for the lower body.  Typically paired with the 360-X Belt to complete the Speed-X Lower Body System, the 5′ X-Plode cords allow linear and lateral movement variations for speed, agility and power enhancement.  The cords come in 7 progressive resistances and have carabiners built-in for secure anchoring to the Trak-X System or the wall mounting device.