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Perform-X Speed-X Lower Body Training System

The Speed-X™ Lower Body Training System allows for cord-loaded linear and lateral applications for speed, agility and plyometrics. The system can work with the Trak-X system on inlaid platforms, above-ground platforms, wall mounted Trak-X™, or manually with a training partner. This versatile system comes in 7 different resistances all with specific measurable loads based on the training distance.   The versatile and comfortable Speed-X 360 Belt comes in 4 distinct sizes, and provides comfort during dynamic movement drills.

Perform-X Plyo-X Custom Flooring

Perform-X custom flooring which includes the Trak-X™ system, provides a progressive approach for integrating basic to advanced plyometrics, as well as cord-loaded applications for Deadlift and Olympic lifting, to the traditional weight training space. With optional logo and color customization for your school or center, the Plyo-X custom flooring offers the utmost versatility to any space, with built-in progressions and programming for sport, fitness and physical education integration.

Perform-X Block-X Barrier

The Block-X Barrier offers another built-in progression to the Perform-X Plyometric Pattern and Trak-X Systems. The soft, durable construction is safe and functional for vertical and horizontal plyometric applications, but also can be used as barriers for running applications for inside and outside use.  The 10” x 6” x 24” dimensions provide multiple heights for jumping drills.