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Perform-X 2.5' X-Plode Short Cord

The 2.5′ X-Plode Cords can be used with a variety of Perform-X Cord Systems.  This durable product comes in 7 progressive resistances, and is most commonly used in the Jump-X Station Retro package and the Hip-X 360 System.

Perform-X Speed-X Mesh Bag

This mesh bag with carry-strap allows for easy transportation and storage of your Perform-X Cords and Belts.

Perform-X X-Plode Wall Anchor

The X-Plode™ Cord Wall anchor allows for multiple cord attachment points to any wall or pillar. This specifically crafted metal device adds multiple stations to any weight room, group fitness studio, or therapeutic or athletic training space, without taking up valuable floor space.