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Perform-X Rubber Platform with Bar With Dead-X Cords

Perform-X Training Systems offers a customized rubber flooring system that specifically integrates the Trak-X technology.  Adequate floor thickness is a key component when designing a space that is functional and durable for years to come.  The Perform-X rubber flooring system contains an equal balance between absorption and energy restitution to better meet the demands of human performance.  Our training principles have demanded more movement applications to the traditional weight lifting atmosphere, thus the floor has to be able to sustain and maintain its resiliency.

Perform-X Turf

Turf integration within the traditional weight training space offers a dedicated area for functional movement preparation.  Perform-X Training Systems offers a customized turf area into the design and layout of new strength and conditioning spaces to encourage more dynamic and cord-loaded exercises/drills.  The Trak-X System can be integrated either into the turf flooring, or within the Plyo-X or Lift-X platforms/floor directly next to the turf space.  This allows for easy implementation of variable resistance applications – plyometrics, agility, linear drills – directly from the Trak-X to the turf area.  The turf concept adds a cost-effective functional training space to any weight room or fitness center.