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Perform-X Jump-X Station

The Jump-X™ System allows for cord-loaded vertical jump and footwork training on either the Lift-X Platform w/Trak-X or Plyo-X Custom Floors, or on a retrofit above-ground platform or squat rack. The durable cords come in 7 resistance levels all with specific loads based on height and inches of cord stretch. The versatile and comfortable Speed-X 360 Belt comes in 4 distinct sizes, and provides comfort during dynamic jumping drills.

Perform-X Speed-X 360-X Belt

The 360-X Belts are a comfortable and durable option for cord-loaded attachment to the waist. Used with the Jump-X System and Speed-X Lower Body System, the 360-X Belt comes in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Perform-X™ 360-X™ Belts
SizeWaist Size Range
Yellow (Small)Up to 30”
Red (Medium)30” – 35”
Blue (Large)35” – 42”
Black (Extra Large)42” – 48”
Perform-X Jump-X Machine

The Jump-X™ Machine offers the most advanced and versatile strength and power applications for lower body strength and power.  The Jump-X allows traditional pressing and jump applications for both double- and single-leg applications, and offers both resisted and assisted variable loading.  Additional Jump programming is offered with this unique piece of equipment.

Perform-X Box-X

The Box-X system offers 4 distinct heights for ground-based plyometric activity. The smaller box footprint and lighter carrying weight, allow for optimal space-efficiency and easier handling by younger individuals. The softer construction emphasizing better landing characteristics both on and off the box.

Perform-X Rubber Platform with Bar With Dead-X Cords

Perform-X Training Systems offers a customized rubber flooring system that specifically integrates the Trak-X technology.  Adequate floor thickness is a key component when designing a space that is functional and durable for years to come.  The Perform-X rubber flooring system contains an equal balance between absorption and energy restitution to better meet the demands of human performance.  Our training principles have demanded more movement applications to the traditional weight lifting atmosphere, thus the floor has to be able to sustain and maintain its resiliency.