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Perform-X Jump-X Station

The Jump-X™ System allows for cord-loaded vertical jump and footwork training on either the Lift-X Platform w/Trak-X or Plyo-X Custom Floors, or on a retrofit above-ground platform or squat rack. The durable cords come in 7 resistance levels all with specific loads based on height and inches of cord stretch. The versatile and comfortable Speed-X 360 Belt comes in 4 distinct sizes, and provides comfort during dynamic jumping drills.

Perform-X Box-X

The Box-X system offers 4 distinct heights for ground-based plyometric activity. The smaller box footprint and lighter carrying weight, allow for optimal space-efficiency and easier handling by younger individuals. The softer construction emphasizing better landing characteristics both on and off the box.

Perform-X Block-X Barrier

The Block-X Barrier offers another built-in progression to the Perform-X Plyometric Pattern and Trak-X Systems. The soft, durable construction is safe and functional for vertical and horizontal plyometric applications, but also can be used as barriers for running applications for inside and outside use.  The 10” x 6” x 24” dimensions provide multiple heights for jumping drills.