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Perform-X Track-X

The Trak-X System is the most unique and innovative product for versatile cord-loaded applications, both on the wall and in the floor. The customized metal strips allow for safe and effective anchoring for plyometric drills, Olympic lifting, rehabilitation exercises, and traditional upper body movements. The Trak-X System can be adhered to any wall, pillar, rack, platform, or floor space.

Perform-X Lift-X Platform with Trak-X

The Perform-X custom pattern and Trak-X™ system provides a progressive approach for integrating basic to advanced plyometrics, as well cord-loaded applications for Deadlift and Olympic lifting, to the traditional weight lifting platform. With optional logo and color customization for your school or center, the Trak-X Platforms offer the utmost versatility to any space, with built-in progressions and programming for plyometrics.

Perform-X Action-Fit Rehab System

The Action-Fit Rehab System includes the Trak-X System (6’) along with two optional packages of Ther-X Shoulder cords which come in 5 progressive resistances. This unique system allows individuals to cord-load specific exercises at all heights and levels. The packages are split into a light package (2.5lbs to 40lbs) or a heavy package (8lbs to 80lbs). Each Ther-X Shoulder cord comes with a built-in rubber handle.

The Action-Fit Rehab System offers a versatile approach to upper extremity rehab in both the therapy clinic and the athletic training space. The Action-Fit Rehab System works with the Trak-X wall anchoring system and offers up to 7 different resistances. The durable cords, built-in Trak-X clip and rubber handles offer a safe and functional environment for rehab, prehab and corrective movement applications.