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Perform-X Ult-X Upper Body Cord

The Ult-X™ – Upper Body Cord allows the individual to perform all of the upper extremity motions for strength improvement – pushing, pulling, pressing, rotational movements, lifting and chopping. This unique device can be anchored to the Trak-X or X-Plode™ Wall Anchor, as well as stationary devices, inside and outside, like racks, fences, or poles.

Perform-X Speed-X 3D Tether

Versatile and durable tether system for connection to the Speed-X 3D Wraps.  This system is typically used with the Elite Add-on system for both upper and lower body applications.

Perform-X Speed-X 3D Calf & Bicep Wraps

The Speed-X 3D Wraps are used with the Elite Add-on and Speed-X Lower Body System and offer a comfortable anchoring point at the calf and/or upper arm (bicep) for lower and upper extremity exercise.  The neoprene cuffs are easy to clean and convenient to store, and contain a secure Velcro strap to maintain adherence.  Multiple D-Rings offer numerous attachment points based on the drills/exercises performed.