5′ X-Plode Regular Cord (set of 2)

Set of 5' X-Plode Cords


The 5′ X-Plode cords offer a variety of exercises for the lower body.  Typically paired with the 360-X Belt to complete the Speed-X Lower Body System, the 5′ X-Plode cords allow linear and lateral movement variations for speed, agility and power enhancement.  The cords come in 7 progressive resistances and have carabiners built-in for secure anchoring to the Trak-X System or the wall mounting device.

5' X-Plode Cord Resistances

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Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 8 in
5' X-Plode Cord Resistances

Extra Heavy Resistance – Gray – 25-50 lbs, Extra Light Resistance – Green – 5-10 lbs, Heavy Resistance – Blue – 20-40 lbs, Light Resistance – Yellow – 10-20 lbs, Medium Resistance – Red – 15-30 lbs, Super Light Resistance – Orange – 2.5-5 lbs, Ultimate Resistance – Black – 30-60 lbs

5′ X-Plode Regular Cord (set of 2)

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The most versatile and durable cord product in the industry. Ours have lasted almost 5 years!!


Resistance cord systems for bench press and squat that can be used with any brand of squat rack.

Make any wall a workout station by adding Trak-X and our unique resistance cord systems

Create a diverse area by adding cord-loaded jump and plyometric options to your traditional lifting station.

Develop speed, power and strength with our state-of-the-art training and conditioning equipment.