Action-Fit Home/Travel System

Home and travel fitness package


The ultimate in home exercise system, the Action-Fit Home/Travel System provides ample resistances and exercises for the ‘stay-at-home parent’ or the ‘on-the-go traveler. Equipped with 3 resistances (6 total cords), a belt, 2 handles and an ankle cuff, the individual can put together a 10 minute or 90 minute workout to prepare for a presentation or wind down after a long day of meetings. The convenient anchoring systems lets the individual exercise in the convenience of the home, a hotel room, a fitness center, or outside. Never allow your exercise routines to slip, and prevent jet-lag and exhaustion by having a portable workout in your carry-on bag. Forget the minibar…hit the Action-Fit system!!


Action-Fit Home/Travel
Speed-X 360 Belt Size

Additional information

Weight4.25 lbs
Dimensions15 x 12 x 8 in
Action-Fit Home/Travel

Heavy Package – Heavy to Ultimate, Light Package – Light to Heavy

Speed-X 360 Belt Size

Black – Extra Large – waist size 43" – 48", Blue – Large – waist size 36" – 42", Red – Medium – waist size 31" – 35", Yellow – Small – waist size up to 30"

Action-Fit Home/Travel System

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Great product to get a quick workout in at home, and easy to travel with whether it is a business trip or a camping trip. The anchoring system and cords can be used anywhere…..hotel room, park bench, tree, etc.

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