Bench-X Cords (set of 2)

Resistance cords for the Bench Press


The Lift-X™ Bench-X Cord allows individuals to add measurable and progressive resistance to the Bench Press exercise. The unique 2-loop system allows easy transitioning from one load to the next and provides an accurate measurement of the load. The Bench-X cords work with the Trak-X System on both lifting platforms and racks, as well as with band pegs on any brand of squat rack.

Lift-X Cord Resistances

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Weight1.75 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 8 in
Lift-X Cord Resistances

Extra Heavy Resistance – Gray – 50 lbs, Heavy Resistance – Blue – 40 lbs, Medium Resistance – Red – 30 lbs, Ultimate Resistance – Black – 60 lbs


1' Trak-X – 2 pieces, No Trak-X

Bench-X Cords (set of 2)

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The Bench-X cords have been an amazing addition to our strength and conditioning program. The ease of use and accurate load measurements, make it simple and effective for our younger athletes, female athletes, and our advanced athletes.


Resistance cord systems for bench press and squat that can be used with any brand of squat rack.

Make any wall a workout station by adding Trak-X and our unique resistance cord systems

Create a diverse area by adding cord-loaded jump and plyometric options to your traditional lifting station.

Develop speed, power and strength with our state-of-the-art training and conditioning equipment.