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JP-X System

Resisted jump and plyometric training


The JP-X System allows for cord-loaded vertical jump and footwork training on either the Lift-X Platform w/Trak-X, the Work-X Stations, or on a retrofit above-ground platform or squat rack. The durable cords come in multiple resistance levels all with specific loads based on height and inches of cord stretch. The versatile and comfortable Speed-X 360 Belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes 28” to 52” and provides comfort during dynamic jumping drills.

Jump-X Cord Resistances
Speed-X 360 Belt Size
Trak-X Install Options & Length

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 8 in
Jump-X Cord Resistances

Extra Heavy Resistance – Gray – 25-50 lbs, Extra Light Resistance – Green – 5-10 lbs, Heavy Resistance – Blue – 20-40 lbs, Light Resistance – Yellow – 10-20 lbs, Medium Resistance – Red – 15-30 lbs, Super Light Resistance – Orange – 2.5-5 lbs, Ultimate Resistance – Black – 30-60 lbs

Speed-X 360 Belt Size

Black – Extra Large – waist size 43" – 48", Blue – Large – waist size 36" – 42", Red – Medium – waist size 31" – 35", Yellow – Small – waist size up to 30"

Trak-X Install Options & Length

Platform Retro – Exterior – 1' Trak-X, Platform Retro – Interior – 5' Trak-X, Platform Retro – Interior – 6' Trak-X

JP-X System

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To be able to easily retro-fit the Trak-X system on our existing platforms saved us time and money, and allows all sports and PE classes to have a dedicated jumping station in the weight room.


Resistance cord systems for bench press and squat that can be used with any brand of squat rack.

Make any wall a workout station by adding Trak-X and our unique resistance cord systems

Create a diverse area by adding cord-loaded jump and plyometric options to your traditional lifting station.

Develop speed, power and strength with our state-of-the-art training and conditioning equipment.