Work-X Station w/Trak-X

Plyometric Platform for jumping and plyometric footwork

The Work-X Station with Trak-X™ provides a progressive approach for integrating basic to advanced plyometrics to the traditional weight training space. With optional logo and color customization for your school or center, the Work-X Stations offer the utmost versatility to any space, with built-in progressions and programming for plyometrics.  Sports training programs, fitness center classes, and physical education curriculums at the high school and middle school level can benefit from this unique and diverse product.

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Plyo-X Platform w/Trak-X

Above Ground – 4' x 4' – Rubber, Above Ground – 4' x 4' – Wood, Inlaid – 4' x 4' – Rubber, Inlaid – 4' x 4' – Wood

Work-X Station w/Trak-X

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We were able to add two Plyo-X platforms to our weight room and it has enhanced our strength program, big time!! The ability to add structured plyometrics, in a dedicated station, has been a key in not only getting our kids stronger and faster, but has also allowed us to progress our younger kids (middle school, freshman, etc.) much easier and faster.

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