Strength Cord Systems

Strength Cord Systems Overview

The Perform-X Strength Systems consist of a unique version of variable resistance (i.e., cords) for loading the bench press, squat, deadlift and various Olympic lifting movements. Each device has specific loads associated with the distance of stretch. The Strength Systems can be used with the Trak-X System (Dead-X and Power-X), as well as with a traditional rack set up using the built-in peg system (Bench-X and Squat-X).

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Trak-X & Cord Systems
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Squat-X Cords (set of 2)

Bench-X Cords (set of 2)

Dead-X Cords (set of 2)

Power-X Cords (set of 2)

Jump-X Station – Retro


Speed-X Mesh Bag