Trak-X Wall Stations

Trak-X Wall Stations Overview

Perform-X offers a specific line of devices and systems designed to meet the needs of individuals and athletes, participating and competing in sports, recreation or rehabilitation. The unique cord systems add versatility and durability to any training or rehab routine. Training systems can be customized to the specific colors of any institution.

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Speed-X Lower Body Training System

JP-X System

Perform-X Jump-X Station

Hip-X 360 System

Perform-X Hip-X 360 System

Flex-X Trainer

Perform-X Flex-X Trainer

Speed-X 360 Belt

5′ X-Plode Regular Cord (set of 2)

Speed-X Handle

2.5′ X-Plode Short Cord (set of 2)

Hip-X 360 Wrap

Block-X Barrier

Speed-X Rubber Handle

Speed-X Mesh Bag

Speed-X Large Duffel Bag