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Perform-X Flex-X Trainer

The Flex-X™ Trainer offers an individual training experience for all sports, fitness venues and rehab opportunities. The Flex-X™ system targets the muscles of the inner and outer hips which play a pivotal role in human performance. Lateral and linear movements can be performed in a small area but with multiple functional qualities. The Flex-X™ comes in a long and short version, and offers 7 progressive resistances. The Flex-X Trainer may also be used for upper body movement.

Perform-X Jump-X Machine

The Jump-X™ Machine offers the most advanced and versatile strength and power applications for lower body strength and power.  The Jump-X allows traditional pressing and jump applications for both double- and single-leg applications, and offers both resisted and assisted variable loading.  Additional Jump programming is offered with this unique piece of equipment.

Perform-X Tred-X 30/30

The Tred-X 30/30 is a high speed treadmill capable of speeds up to 30 MPH, and elevations up to a 30% grade. It includes a built-in spotting system to keep individuals safe, as well as dedicated programming for speed and endurance improvement.  The Tred-X contains an external touch-screen control panel that quickly adjusts speed and elevation.

Perform-X Hip-X Machine

The most advanced strength-specific application for adequately stimulating the muscles of the hip area. The Hip-X™ Machine stimulates all movement planes for training the hip – hip flexion, hip extension, hip abduction and hip adduction.  The Hip-X also offers the heaviest selectorized weight-stack (590lbs.) to obtain peak muscle strength for speed and power development.  The Hip-X also offers variable resistance loading to all hip movements.

Perform-X 5' X-Plode Regular Cord

The 5′ X-Plode cords offer a variety of exercises for the lower body.  Typically paired with the 360-X Belt to complete the Speed-X Lower Body System, the 5′ X-Plode cords allow linear and lateral movement variations for speed, agility and power enhancement.  The cords come in 7 progressive resistances and have carabiners built-in for secure anchoring to the Trak-X System or the wall mounting device.

Perform-X 2.5' X-Plode Short Cord

The 2.5′ X-Plode Cords can be used with a variety of Perform-X Cord Systems.  This durable product comes in 7 progressive resistances, and is most commonly used in the Jump-X Station Retro package and the Hip-X 360 System.

Perform-X Speed-X Mesh Bag

This mesh bag with carry-strap allows for easy transportation and storage of your Perform-X Cords and Belts.

Perform-X Speed-X Large Duffel Bag

The Speed-X Large Duffel allows for easy transportation of your Perform-X Cord and Belts, and is able to carry multiple systems in large quantities.  Contains a carry-strap, durable handles and convenient side pockets.

Perform-X Block-X Barrier

The Block-X Barrier offers another built-in progression to the Perform-X Plyometric Pattern and Trak-X Systems. The soft, durable construction is safe and functional for vertical and horizontal plyometric applications, but also can be used as barriers for running applications for inside and outside use.  The 10” x 6” x 24” dimensions provide multiple heights for jumping drills.

Perform-X Speed-X Rubber Handle

The Perform-X Rubber handles can be used with all equipment and devices that have a carabiner attachment.  The rubber handles come with a built-in O-ring for easy attachment.  The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and non-abrasive feel when performing exercises.  The rubber handles are used with the Action-Fit Home/Travel System.

Perform-X Hip-X 360 Wrap

The Hip-X™ 360 wrap is part of the Hip-X™ 360 System and offers the user a comfortable neoprene wrap to conveniently perform hip strengthening exercises.  The unique 360 degree ring provides efficiency and versatility while performing hip strengthening exercises.

Perform-X Speed-X Handle

The Speed-X Handles can be used as an anchoring device for both indoor and outdoor applications using the Speed-X Lower Body System and the Hip-X 360 System. The durable design allows for a tight, secure attachment to most stationary anchoring points.