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Dead lift

Retrofit your weight room to improve strength & power: a case study

In this blog, George Filipiak, better known as “Coach Flip”, from Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte, Michigan shares his experience with Perform-X.

Coach Flip was first introduced to Perform-X at the Spartan Strength and Conditioning clinic at Michigan State University. He had his racks and…

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An Innovative Approach to Cord-loaded Deadlifting

Besides traditional training methods using the barbell, many coaches and athletes are adding resistance with bands– known as variable resistance training. This method of training aligns with the Dynamic Effort method outlined by Russian sport scientist Vladimir Zatsiorsky in Science and Practice of Strength…

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FOCUS ON RESEARCH: Q&A with Dr. Andy Galpin – Effects of Elastic Bands on the Deadlift

This is the first of several blogs that Focus on Research. Here, we will provide a summary for the time-crunched coach, and whenever possible provide insight from the researcher(s) themselves.

Recently, there seems to be increased attention on using elastic bands for strength training. This…

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You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe: training the lower body

By Joe Eisenmann, PhD
“You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.”

“Don’t build on sand.”

“Build the foundation of the house before you put up the walls.”
In the context of athletics, these analogies highlight the importance of lower body strength as a foundation to athletic performance….

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The Platform: Beyond Weightlifting – the Integration of Plyometrics and Variable Resistance Loading

The lifting platform, like the rack, is a staple in most weight rooms. The platform provides a dedicated space for the deadlift and the Olympic weightlifting movements (clean, jerk press, and snatch) and their derivatives (clean high pull, jump shrug, etc.). These platforms are…

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Cord-Loaded Deadlifts using The Trak-X™ System

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS


The Deadlift  is one of the most implemented weight lifting movements for improving strength and power.

The muscle groups of the low back, glutes, and hamstrings, commonly known as the ‘posterior chain’, have numerous effects on the majority of athletic…

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