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vertical jump

Improve Lower Body Power with the Jump-X System

To be strong and exert maximal force is one thing – to be powerful is another.

If you recall from physics, biomechanics or exercise physiology, POWER is the rate of doing work and is the product of force and velocity (P = F x v)….

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Training the Female Volleyball Player: Q&A with Donnie Maib

Volleyball consists of dynamic, multi-directional movements in a confined space.  The physical demands include reacting, accelerating, jumping, landing, pivoting, decelerating, and hitting.  Therefore, the physical preparation of the volleyball player should consider aspects of vertical and horizontal training, rotational movements, and upper body strength…

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You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe: training the lower body

By Joe Eisenmann, PhD
“You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.”

“Don’t build on sand.”

“Build the foundation of the house before you put up the walls.”
In the context of athletics, these analogies highlight the importance of lower body strength as a foundation to athletic performance….

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The Platform: Beyond Weightlifting – the Integration of Plyometrics and Variable Resistance Loading

The lifting platform, like the rack, is a staple in most weight rooms. The platform provides a dedicated space for the deadlift and the Olympic weightlifting movements (clean, jerk press, and snatch) and their derivatives (clean high pull, jump shrug, etc.). These platforms are…

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Basketball Conditioning: Converting Existing Lifting Platforms to Jump Training Stations

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS

Basketball conditioning has always emphasized some of aspect of vertical training to improve jumping ability.  Although the long-term goal of the individual is to ‘dunk’ the basketball, many times the ability to leave the earth by just a few…

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