Train the Hips (Part II)

In a previous blog the importance of strengthening and mobilizing the hip joint using the Perform-X Hip-X Machine. Although this is a great piece of equipment, not every program can afford it or may only be able to afford one or two – not 16 of them like the University of Michigan Football program!

With this in mind, there are other ways to strengthen and mobilize the hip. For younger, inexperienced or novice athletes, a resistance cord that allows the four movements of the hip may be sufficient.  For stronger advanced athletes, a resistance cord may serve as a warm up/pre-hab/movement prep prior to more intense, multi-joint lower body exercises such as squatting, deadlifting, or lunging, or as an ancillary exercise paired with another exercise. And for any athlete, it can be used as part of muscle activation prior to a practice session.

The Hip-X 360 System allows individuals to perform cord-loaded exercises for the following exercises: hip flexion, hip extension, hip abduction, hip adduction and hamstring exercises – each shown above.  The resistance cord can be anchored to our innovative Trak-X system on the front or side of a lifting rack, inlaid platform, or wall station.  It can also be anchored to other stationary devices and thus taken outside the weight room into the gym or practice field.

The easy-on, easy-off Hip-X 360 cuff allows athletes to circuit through quickly and provides comfort and functionality for all hip drills. The system comes in 7 different resistances and is based on variable resistance thus is impacted by not only cord resistance but also the distance of stretch in the cord so coaches can apply progressive overload.

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